NOVEMBER 18, 2023

    Stones Set To Announce 2024 Tour Dates After October Release of Hackney Diamonds Album!

    The Rolling Stones have finally released their 26th studio album Hackney Diamonds after a long 18 year wait. The first words we hear on Hackney Diamonds, the new album by the Rolling Stones, are “Don’t get angry with me.” Elsewhere, Jagger adds “Why’d you get so pissed off/Why’d you bite my head off?” and asks what happens “when the whole wide world’s against you.” But that was last month! Now it’s a week before Thanksgiving and amid week’s of speculation giant red tongues have popped up on stadium’s across North American as of yesterday leading to what we all hope is a 2024 tour announcement this coming week. So far Cleveland, Philly, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, NJ, Santa Clara, LA, Glendale, Houston, Orlando, Atlanta, Vegas and a few others are all looking like their stadiums are in the running. So save your money kids! Mick, 80, Keith one month shy of 80 today and Ronnie 76 (minus our dearly departed Charlie Watts) look like they are set to show everyone once again how live rock is done!